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Adult karate,Biggleswade Karate / November 3, 2016

Due to films such as ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Enter the Dragon’, Martial Arts has grown in popularity over recent years, and it’s not surprising when we look into the many benefits of practicing martial arts such as Karate.

Can Improve Health
Karate is known for improving your health and wellbeing in many ways as it not only can help you mentally but also physically (indeed our grand master and founder was a weak and sickly child!) If you’re not an avid gym goer then practicing Karate can be just as beneficial (if not more fun!).
Karate is a “Total Body Workout” that uses every muscle in your body, and also improves your strength, balance and flexibility. Martial arts have also been proven to help with weight loss, with a one hour session burning up to 500 calories!

Can Build Self Esteem and Confidence
Practicing martial arts is known to help build your self esteem and grow your confidence. Not only will your self esteem grow as you develop your skills and techniques, but you will also feel safer and more confident in everyday life knowing you have the ability to protect yourself, physically and metaphorically.

Can Improve Work and Academic Performance
Instead of loading up on coffee to keep you awake after a long day of work, why not try martial arts. Karate can help reduce stress and keep you focused at work or school by raising your energy levels, focus and concentration.

You Can Meet New Friends
Another benefit of learning Karate is that you get to meet like-minded people from all walks of life. Martial Arts is a way of meeting friends and having a good time whilst learning a valuable defensive skill that will help in everyday life.Many of our students meet socially outside of their karate class

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