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Getting ready for regional grading – Karate Hertfordshire

Adult karate,Karate in Hertfordshire / March 7, 2017

Karate Hertfordshire – February Kata Training

Last week We had a 2 hour kata course. Kata is a series of karate movements put together in a flowing sequence, using blocks strikes and kicks. During February saw 60 Active Hertfordshire Karate students of all skill levels attending and after warming up, each group went through the kata for their own grade using a variety of different sequences working close eyed, using target pads and using different body parts to develop skills of balance distance and control. They worked as a whole group and pairs to understand the application of the movements. This requires concentration and co-operation which ultimately enhances the student’s understanding of the individual moves as well as the overall kata movements.

The next event is regional grading in April where all students across our many clubs in Hertfordshire are invited to upgrade to. Ext belt .

This involves learning a syllabus, regular attendance and for higher grades completion of researched and written assignments.

To learn more about how you can get involved in learning about Kata’s with Active Hertfordshire Karate then we welcome you to have a look around our website. Please browse through our questions and answers that may help you out.

Here is a video to show you what the kata’s look like.

Follow this link to find out where the best Karate Hertfordshire class is for you to attend.

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