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The transforming power of Childrens Karate

Children karate,Kids karate / May 15, 2017

Does your child struggle with learning differences and find it hard to settle in a club and enjoy taking part in the activities? Active Hertfordshire Karate may just be exactly what you and your son or daughter need. In addition to giving kids with ADHD all of the physical benefits of exercise, including improved cardiovascular […]

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Family Karate encourages an incredible bonding experience

Family karate /

As parents you spend a lot of time researching local activities that will enhance your child’s development. Every child is different and has different needs so it is important to see which activity will suit your child. Active Hertfordshire Karate believes that Karate meets all of your children’s needs. Self-defence, improving concentration and self-discipline to […]

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Childrens Martial Arts Hertfordshire – Karate top choice in after school sports

children martial arts,Karate in Hertfordshire,Kids karate /

When your child starts school it can be hard not to sign them up to every activity and sports available, but how can you choose the right sport with all the benefits they need? Why Children Martial Arts could be the best choice. Children Martial Arts training is about much more than simply learning how […]

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Martial Arts Hertfordshire – Finding the right one for you

Adult karate,Karate in Hertfordshire,Kids karate / April 12, 2017

Across Hertfordshire there are many different Martial Arts to choose from. All offer different methods of training but all want you to get the best benefits that Martial Arts provide. Why choose Active Hertfordshire Karate (AHK)? Here at Active Hertfordshire Karate we practice the martial art of Shotokan Karate which is a traditional Japanese Martial […]

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Teen Karate – Dealing with the stress of exams

Karate in Hertfordshire,Teens Karate / April 11, 2017

It is that time of the year again. Our Teen karate students are getting ready for their upcoming revision and exams this summer. Whether it is their GCSE’s, A-levels or vocational it can become a very stressful time in their school career. Can you remember how stressful it was for you? As a parent we […]

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Children with Autism benefit from Martial Arts

Adult karate,Family karate,Karate in Hertfordshire,Special Needs Karate,Teens Karate / April 10, 2017

The 27th of March to the 2nd of April has been World Autism Awareness Week at school Schools have been taking part in different activities to raise money and spread awareness of Autism. It’s no secret that a traditional martial arts programme is one of the best extracurricular activities a child can participate in. Over […]

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New Dan Grades March 19th 2017

Hitchin Karate,Karate in Hertfordshire,Kids karate,Letchworth Karate,Welwyn Garden City Karate / March 20, 2017

At AHK it takes on average 4 years of regular training to achieve first level black belt. At our recent black belt grading of 2017, seven candidates endured 5 hours of training/examination and were successful in achieving the standard required. One from Hitchin Karate club, four from Letchworth Karate club and two from Welwyn Garden […]

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Family Karate – Train alongside your children

Ashwell Karate,Biggleswade Karate,Family karate,Harpenden Karate,Hemel Hempstead Karate,Karate in Hertfordshire,Kids karate / March 7, 2017

Don’t just drop your children off to class – get involved in our family karate classes! As mum’s we spend a lot of our time driving our children around to different clubs. Whether it be sport, music or tutoring. Here at AHK we offer karate classes for the whole family. We encourage you to take […]

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Getting ready for regional grading – Karate Hertfordshire

Adult karate,Karate in Hertfordshire /

Karate Hertfordshire – February Kata Training Last week We had a 2 hour kata course. Kata is a series of karate movements put together in a flowing sequence, using blocks strikes and kicks. During February saw 60 Active Hertfordshire Karate students of all skill levels attending and after warming up, each group went through the […]

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Teen troubles at school – Teen Karate in Hertfordshire

Karate in Hertfordshire,Teens Karate /

We can help Active Hertfordshire Karate take on a variety of students, no one is the same but the benefits are there to be taken by everyone. People join us for many different reasons, from wanting to learn self-defence, fitness, training as a team or trying to take control of their anger and learning discipline. […]

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