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Adult Karate in Hertfordshire

Adult karate,Karate in Hertfordshire / February 16, 2017

Just cos you are a woman?! Evidence shows that women don’t like gyms as they feel the ‘wrong shape’ but our evidence shows that women enjoy our Karate. Training as part of a successful group, challenging themselves, wearing the same uniform, starting from their own level of fitness and progressing beyond anything they could have […]

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Karate in my area

Adult karate,Ashwell Karate,Biggleswade Karate,Family karate,Harpenden Karate,Hemel Hempstead Karate,Hitchin Karate,Karate in Hertfordshire,Kids karate,Langford Karate,Letchworth Karate,Teens Karate,Watford Karate,Welwyn Garden City Karate / February 6, 2017

Finding ‘Karate in my area’ has never been so easy. Active Hertfordshire Karate offer 17 classes for you to choose from across Hertfordshire from Biggleswade to Watford. Our Club Locations-Karate in my area • Biggleswade – Thursday evenings • Langford – Monday evenings • Ashwell – Saturday Afternoons (beginners) • Letchworth – Sunday mornings & […]

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Adult Martial Arts Hertfordshire

Adult karate,Ashwell Karate,Biggleswade Karate,Harpenden Karate,Hemel Hempstead Karate,Hitchin Karate,Karate in Hertfordshire,Langford Karate,Letchworth Karate,Watford Karate,Welwyn Garden City Karate /

So, how many of you decided that 2017 is going to be the year for a new challenge? How about discovering a new interest like Adult Martial Arts? Have a look at around our website and see how taking up Adult martial arts will tick off a few of your goals on your list. […]

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My New Year’s Resolution – To start adult Karate lessons

Adult karate,Karate in Hertfordshire / January 18, 2017

Are you ready to embark on your News Year’s Resolutions, whether it’s to try new foods, experiences or even to take up a new Activity or sport? If so then that’s where we come in! At AHK we are able to offer you adult karate lessons where you can slowly build your martial arts skills […]

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FREE Martial Arts – That’s a Happy New Year!

Adult karate,Family karate,Karate in Hertfordshire,Kids karate /

January is known as the lean month. Money is tight after the Christmas extravagances and diets are high on the agenda due to all the great food and drink we all consume over the holidays too. So to discover something that is not only FREE but also helps reduce your waistline and tone your very […]

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Give the Gift of Karate this Christmas

Adult karate,Biggleswade Karate,Family karate,Kids karate,Teens Karate / December 5, 2016

Whether it’s Christmas or Birthday, we are all looking for something a little different to give the person we care for. If they are the sporty type, or not, or are just hankering for something new, then AHK can offer a First Free Karate lesson at a Karate club near you. An unusual gift perhaps, […]

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Adult Karate in Hertfordshire

Adult karate,Biggleswade Karate /

Never too late to find a passion for Karate Karate is a great choice to get into at any age, as it is all about improving your personal level of mind, body and soul and not competing against others. We pride ourselves on having opened our first club in 1984 and have continued to grow […]

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Adult Martial Arts

Adult karate,Biggleswade Karate / November 3, 2016

Due to films such as ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Enter the Dragon’, Martial Arts has grown in popularity over recent years, and it’s not surprising when we look into the many benefits of practicing martial arts such as Karate. Can Improve Health Karate is known for improving your health and wellbeing in many ways as […]

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