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Never too late to find a passion for Karate

Karate is a great choice to get into at any age, as it is all about improving your personal level of mind, body and soul and not competing against others.

We pride ourselves on having opened our first club in 1984 and have continued to grow steadily since that time. We are a very friendly group, so please do not hesitate to come and join us. Our groups are small and run on a weekly basis.

Take advantage of our free first lesson and let us show you why you have made the right decision in taking your first steps to getting involved in Karate.

There are many different reasons for people joining our adult karate classes.
Below are a few points that will explain these and let you know how it will contribute to the changes you may be looking to make.

Benefits of Karate for adults

  • Improve leadership skills
  • Self-defence
  • Self-confidence
  • Goal achievement
  • Discipline and focus
  • More energy and greater productivity
  • Many health benefits
  • Mental strength

Most importantly it is about finding a welcoming group where you will make great friendships and begin your own personal journey with Karate.
Check out some of our members testimonials.

We invite you to browse our pages where you will find information on the type of Karate we offer. Shotokan Karate is what we practice and is a traditional Japanese Martial Art founded by Master Gichin Funakoshi. You also may want to view some of our videos demonstrating some of are more experienced members.

Active Hertfordshire Karate looks forward to welcoming you to our next adult Karate class.

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