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Biggleswade Karate,Kids karate / December 2, 2016

Are you thinking about enrolling your child, children or family in karate classes?

There are many proven reasons why Karate for children has become increasingly popular throughout the years.

Some of the benefits of children’s karate include:

Karate has long been known to help children learn the art of self discipline due to the teaching styles and age old philosophy’s that promote this positive attitude.

Due to Karate mainly being held in groups it has often been praised for helping children with their social skills. This not only benefits them throughout school, but also will be carried with them throughout their life both within work, study and personal environments.

In traditional karate students bow at the start and at the end of each session. This subtle respect helps teach children about respecting each other, which will help them through all aspects of life. Respect is also an important aspect of school, with most school children’s grades being affected by their attitude it is important to possess these skills in order to succeed.

All exercise is extremely beneficial to children’s health and participating in Karate is no exception. Karate uses many different physical, mental and emotional attributes that help to improve both a child’s general fitness and strength.

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