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Family Karate encourages an incredible bonding experience

Family karate

As parents you spend a lot of time researching local activities that will enhance your child’s development. Every child is different and has different needs so it is important to see which activity will suit your child.

Active Hertfordshire Karate believes that Karate meets all of your children’s needs.
Self-defence, improving concentration and self-discipline to name just three qualities we want to instil in your child’s development.

Karate has so many other benefits that attract lots of parents across the country into signing up their children, so why not join as a family?

Benefits of taking part in our Family Karate classes

Children love taking part in activities with their parents. We understand that time is very limited with work and other weekly commitments. Instead of just dropping the children off to class why not take this opportunity to stay and take part?

Training together will open up communications at home as will talking about what you got upto in class, and encourage each other to improve for the following week. This could include practicing together.

Promoting understanding and respect between family members

By following our Dojo promise as a family the benefits can easily be implemented in other aspects of the household.

We offer many karate clubs across Hertfordshire so choosing the club closest to your home may not necessarily be the best option. You could choose a club closer to school or work. Here is a list of all our karate clubs.

Most important

Family Karate is exhilarating and motivational as well as great fun for everyone to do together!

How to get started

Take the first step, fill out the form and get started. The first lesson is even FREE so give it a try.
We look forward to welcoming you into one of our Karate clubs across Hertfordshire.

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