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Family Karate in Hertfordshire

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Have you ever thought about discovering a new activity as a family?

Finding time to get together as a family can sometimes be very difficult with work and school commitments. So picking an activity that everyone will benefit from like karate could be the answer. Here at AHK we are a friendly karate club with more than 30 years experience. We now have ten locations available throughout Hertfordshire on various weekdays and weekends.

What are the benefits of Karate?

  • develop mentally, emotionally and physically
  • self-confidence
  • personal security
  • discipline
  • promotes honesty
  • respect and patience

This is where Karate will help each family member take away something different from the experience. Whether your child is shy or needs help controlling high spirits we are here to help and guide all our students on how to channel their energy in the best way of self discipline.

Your Karate journey
Throughout your journey our dedicated team will be letting you know how you are progressing. We also hold grading which is taken every three months. We hold informal competitions in our clubs and annually have an Active Hertfordshire Karate association tournament.

First step to starting your family experience
Decide which one of our ten Karate clubs locations suits you best. Give us a call so we can get you booked in and start your family journey.

Take advantage of our free first lesson and become part of Active Hertfordshire Karate.

Call us now on 0800 883 8803 or visit us on our website:

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