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FREE Martial Arts – That’s a Happy New Year!

Adult karate,Family karate,Karate in Hertfordshire,Kids karate / January 18, 2017

January is known as the lean month.

Money is tight after the Christmas extravagances and diets are high on the agenda due to all the great food and drink we all consume over the holidays too.

So to discover something that is not only FREE but also helps reduce your waistline and tone your very relaxed muscles too has to be a benefit.

At AHK we are offering a First Free Lesson to all new Karate Members at any of our venues in Herfordshire. That’s right, A Free Karate Lesson!

Our venues are all easy to get to and with good parking facilities as well. So firstly choose a venue near you from the list below:

Next, complete the form found here: to get the ball rolling.

Whilst you wait for someone to call you back to discuss getting you onboard for your First FREE Karate lesson. You can check out our Social Media:


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