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Kids Karate in Hertfordshire

Children will love the energetic nature of our Kids Karate in Hertfordshire which is fun, focused and friendly.

We can channel energy in lively kids and develop confidence in quieter kids.

They all progress in our classes as we use their motivation and help them to succeed, as well as being a great way of making new friends and keeping fit, Karate also benefits children by: Enhancing concentration and self-discipline, teaching children to avoid using violence in confrontation, increasing self-confidence in all situations, as well as developing a sense of purpose and achievement.

We would be pleased to discuss how children with disabilities and learning differences can be involved in our kids karate in Hertfordshire.


5 years + All clubs

Lesson Structure

Warm up
Safe/ Small classes
Karate organised activities related to experience and knowledge
Fun & Games


Classes are held every week
Our classes work in small groups
Karate can build on existing skills and knowledge
Karate helps develop positive social skills


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I can count to 5 in Japanese! I like doing the figure moves.

I like the child-centred classes. Good teacher/child dynamic. Really like the way the class is structured with play.

She enjoys the classes and always comes out bouncy and happy. She often asks if she can go more than once a week.

I like that my child is learning to listen. The way they are taught works well with him.

She enjoys coming to karate and is very happy to now have all of her tags. She is really looking forward to now getting her blue belt.

I am very happy with his progress and attitude. He is now enjoying showing off and practicing his moves and Japanese numbers.

My child has enjoyed it and wants to carry on! I think that it has improved her ability to listen better and work well within a team. She is more of a team player.

My son wants to grade in December, He is so enjoying the lessons! Brilliant to have found something that he truly enjoys. Thank you!  – Lorraine



Junior Achievement Programme

  • A voluntary character building activity linking the philosophy of our karate with community, home and school achievement
  • Rewarded by diplomas & merit badges


  • Regular physical examination from a set karate syllabus offers progression
  • Motivation stickers & trophies awarded weekly

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