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J.I.P (Junior Instructor Programme)

To be completed by all Juniors age 11-16.

JIP required for grading from 4th Kyu (purple/white stripe)
There are 10 assignments in total – students can continually complete assignments from 4th Kyu if they wish, but need to have submitted the relevant assignment as part of their grading syllabus.

1 Assignment Purple Belt White Stripe going for Brown Belt

1. My Karate

2 Assignments Brown Belt going for Brown Belt White Stripe

2. Reflections –
3. History of Karate

3 Assignments Brown Belt White Stripe going for Brown Belt Red Stripe

4. Public Relations
5. Health and Safety
6. Administration

4 Assignments Brown Belt Red Stripe going for Brown Belt Black Stripe

7. Teaching Preparation
8. Teaching Lower Grades
9. Teaching Intermediate Grades
10. Japanese Terminology, Body, Technique, Language

At brown/ black stripe grade, students have the knowledge to teach under supervision and to confidently support lower grades in karate technique and organisation/administration of Active Hertfordshire Karate. They should now concentrate on their technical/physical knowledge of Shotokan Karate in preparation for their Shodan BLACK BELT grading.

JIP 1 JIP 2 JIP 2 Case Studies JIP 3 JIP 4 JIP 5 JIP 6 JIP 7 JIP 8 JIP 9 JIP 10

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