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Syllabus – Sandan


Devise and demonstrate first slowly then full power, five of your own basic combinations utilising as wide a variety of technique, stance and stepping as possible (each combination to contain a minimum of 4 techniques).

Demonstration of application of requested Shotokan basic techniques at full power, controlled attacks, with hands or feet to a specified target, at a variety of distances (target and control test).

Demonstrate the use of 5 appropriate strengthening exercises or training drills as applicable to karate, stating which group of muscles is worked in each case and the function as applied to karate technique. State or explain how these are taught to differing ages and ability students.

Devise your own training routine/method for learning or practising aspects of Kihon, Kata and Kumite. (Provide one for each junior and senior version).

Write and deliver 3 month term outline plan of lessons for a mixed grade class. Include a balance of Kihon, Kumite and Kata.
– Kihon to include practice of Shotokan basic techniques and stances; basic drills for improving the former.
– Kumite to consist of pre-arranged Kumite, Jiyu Kumite and self defence and drills for improving aspects of former.
– Kata to consist of basic performance practise, appreciation of Bunkai, tournament Kata and drills for improving aspects of form.

Demonstrate coaching, managing and organisational abilities by taking an active hands on role in organising and assisting in preparation and running of tournaments, Gradings, special course training.



Choice Of One Of The Following Kata’s:

Candidate List:
Choose From Sochin, Chinte With Bunkai

Examiner List:
Wankan, Tekki Sandan And Bassai Sho – Plus Any Or All Previous Katas

Taikyoku Shodan / Heian Shodan / Heian Nidan / Heian Sandan / Heian Yondan / Heian Godan / Tekki Shodan / Bassai Dai / Kanku Dai / Enpi / Jitte / Jiin / Jion / Tekki Nidan / Gankaku / Hangetsu / Nijushiho / Meikyo / Kanku Sho


  • Kihon Ippon Kumite
    1 Jodan, Chudan, Mae Geri, Kekomi, Mawashi Geri – All Defences To Utilise Kata Movements/Take Downs/Joint Locks
  • Jiyu Ippon Kumite
    Defence Against Any 5 Unannounced Attacks

Jiyu Kumite

Performed Against Three – Five Consecutive Dan Grades. This Kumite Should Be Performed Non-Stop And Continue For The Duration Of 5 Minutes.


Written And Oral Examination

  • Oral Examination – To Test Underpinning Knowledge Of Associated Subjects. I.E. Japanese Terminology, Brief History, First Aid, General Knowledge, Anatomy, Physiology, Basic Nutrition.
  • Written Element – Submit An Essay Of At Least 750 (Juniors) / 1500 (Seniors) Words Detailing Your Thoughts On Any Aspect Of Karate-Do, 2 Weeks Before.

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